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Arc Welding ROBOT | Elbrus

The welding cell we offer can work in two or more working areas, as a linear guide can be adapted to work along. We programmed it to be positioned in different ways: flat, horizontal, vertical, head. The movement of the electrode can be done in zig-zag, circular or interlaced

Welding robot can weld by arc or electrode
Has a range of up to two meters
The height Máximaque reaches the 6-axis robot is 1500mm

Table of technical characteristics

Concept Data
Robot MoD. Kuka150L/FANUC/ABB/Yaskawa...
Number of axes 6-Axis Robot
Maximum height 1500 mm
Reach 2,000 mm diameter
Types of Welding by ARC/electrode
Warranty 1 year
Cycles per minute
Energy consumption 6 KW
Compressed air consumption

* We carry out all the robotic cells tailored to the client

Arc welding Robot

is delivered the Robotic installation Ready to start producing, with a 10-inch touch screen intuitive use. Our customer service is centralized in our ship in Madrid and we have technicians with our own ship in different areas of Spain to guarantee a first-class SAT.


Robot Claw as per sack to Palletize
Robot Claw as per sack to Palletize

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