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OFFER REQUEST Atlas Robots Auto-guided vehicle (AGV)



The development of an AGV vehicle is propitiated by the needs that many of our clients transmit to us. Our most advanced robotic palletizing cells are capable of producing a large number of pallets loaded at the time, in various output positions, leaving the maximum system speed in the hands of the response capacity of the plant personnel to Remove.

  • Integrated and complete automation with any robotic system
  • Minimizing production-line failures
  • Time optimization
  • Saving personnel
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How does our AGV work?

1. Evacuation of loads already palletized

The vehicle AGV, at the request of the system, goes to remove the finished pallet of the fixed docks of the robotic cell. An integrated mutting system will allow the manoeuvre without actuating the safety electro-optical barrier, i.e. without stopping the funicionamiento of the cell during the extraction.

2. Pallets Supply

The AGV supplies a stack of pallets to the vertical warehouse of the robotic cell, once the system detects that the robot has removed the last pallet of it to palletize on it. This stack of pallets is removed by the AGV from a designated storage position for that purpose.

3. Automatic transport to wrapping machine/baler

The vehicle AGV delivers the pallet loaded to the automatic wrapping machine, which proceeds to its wrapped with film
Transparent. Once the process is complete, the AGV automatically removes the pallet from the machine. The procedure of delivery and withdrawal is similar in the case of the maintenance of other automatic machines that are required as they can be strapping or labellers.

4. Storage

The AGV is used in a warehouse with predefined positions, with rake disposition. In these fixed positions is where the AGV deposits the finished pallets. The management system will be the one to inform the vehicle about the optimum location where to deposit the pallet, keeping record for later use. Certain positions are designated as withdrawal points, from where the AGV will remove stacks of pallets, separators or other elements necessary for the operation of the robotic cell, taking charge of its supply.

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