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Concrete Block palletizing Robot – 2018

Aggregates and concretes of the river Palletized concrete blocks prior to strapping of pallets. They use a 6-axis Kuka robot with a special claw for the perfect grip of 3 concrete blocks at the same time

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The project

On our first customer visit, our engineering team detected a very clear need for automation with palletizing robot. The concrete blocks were too heavy to be manipulated by hand, and they had a need for production that did not reach their current resources. Therefore, in view of their clear need for palletizing, the proposal that we presented to them liked and we started to work in the design

The design phase

The main problem of engineering to solve was the claw to use. Analyzing the shape and weight of the concrete blocks to be palletized, as well as the mosaic they needed to make and the required production, we valued the design of a claw so that it could grab 3 bricks at the same time, and so the 6-axis palletizing robot , which tolerated the weight of the 3 bricks at a time, could make a layer of the pallet every 3 cycles.

Manufacture and installation in final customer

El plazo de entrega al cliente, para un robot paletizador de ladrillos o bloques suele ser de 90 días. Si la solución es muy estándar podemos disminuir el tiempo de entrega. En este caso, en 80 días el robot paletizador de bloques de hormigón estaba produciendo en la fábrica de nuestro cliente

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